Sunday, June 13, 2010

Au Revoir C-Bus!

I am a really terrible Blogger. Every seminar I've been to or class taught about blogging says you need to do it every day, or at least have some consistent pattern. I lack this standard. This time I'll play it off as "my sporadic posts of self-centered messages make me more unique." Something like that. However, I think I have a pretty legitimate excuse this time: Most of the time I have excuses, they just aren't really valid :)

If you...
a. Don't know me
b. Don't know my family
c. Live under a rock (this includes owning a Facebook but never checking it)
Then you probably don't know that my family is definitely, 100%, absolutely moving to North Carolina at some point this summer. I wasn't technically allowed to tell anyone until now because my Dad had not given his letter of resignation to his current employer. But now that he has I could put it on a billboard in Times Square if I wanted to...or just tell all my friends who care. I have spent the last few weeks pretending to be an important businesswoman in my cubicle at my internship with BalletMet, folding clothes and helping pant-size-confused women navigate the maze that is The Limited, and in my spare time shoving all of my belongings into cardboard boxes. It's a pretty strange feeling packing up 16 years of your life, not to mention a rude awakening as to how much crap I own. Really Mom and Dad? You let me buy and keep a fanny pack in the shape of a drum from Colonial Williamsburg?

Anyhow, all of our stuff had to go somewhere because we have to convince some desperate midwestern family to please move into our house so we can get the heck out of here. Thus, we rented a POD and after that the jig was kind of up -- a huge portable storage container sat in our driveway for about two weeks. I came to the conclusion that I could definitely live in a POD. They're spacious, sturdy, and the POD people have to park it where you tell them to, so you can take it virtually anywhere. Plus I'm already poor from my typical college kid lifestyle and I still have two more years (at least) to go.

Which brings me to my next dilemma. This is how long it takes to drive from Butler to Raleigh,
That is a LONG time. That's not a "oh I can just drive home for the weekend" amount of time. That's a plane ticket or loads and loads of gas money. Which equals only being able to come home on holidays. As much as my family drives me crazy sometimes I really can't imagine being that far away from them. Who will be around to go see chick flicks with my Mom, go fishing with my dad, and make fun of Will as much as possible?

So as soon as my Dad told us he was thinking about taking a new job I filled out transfer applications to two North Carolina schools. It started out really casual, a total whim. I figured it would be something I started to appease my parents and just never finish. Besides I was happy at Butler, so why make an unnecessary change? The problem was, the more I worked on the applications, the more I started to love one of the schools. It was the perfect size, the tuition was actually slightly cheaper than Butler's, and best of all it's only an hour from where my family is going to be living.

I need to get going on some other posts for BalletMet and our new student run firm Rise Innovations so I'll go into the details of what happened next tomorrow. Change is good but scary. Not really the most profound thing I've ever said, but it's the truth.

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