Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Blog

For all my loyal fans (yes, that means you mom and dad) I have decided to create a new blog! Try not to get too excited (and by that, I mean be very very excited).

This blog is lame. I just don't really have any direction for it. I think when I created it, it was intended to be a means of figuring out who I was, documenting important life stuff, etc. But blogs are no longer just personal journals, but should be something that can help other people. I think journaling can help other people in a way, by showing them that you too have struggles and joys in your life and sharing that with them. But the thing is, I don't really read poetry or try to act deep I guess I have to change my angle.

As a continuation of my last post, there have been some pretty huge changes in my life and the lives of my family. If you're a total facebook creeper like myself then I'm sure you've seen that I now belong not only to the Butler '12 network, but also to Elon '12. Unfortunately I can't be like Hermione Granger and go to classes at both schools at once. Stupid. I have to choose one, and I decided to choose the school closest to my family's new home in Raleigh, NC.

Those of you that passed geography (with Bruce Bigelow, the geography gigolo) will realize that this, in fact, means that I won't be going to back to Butler. This has been a giant, weird decision for me that I honestly question on a daily basis. I know going to Elon is the right thing to do: It's a fresh start full of new opportunities and challenges. Butler is a great school and as I've said before, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about BU. I guess it's just time for a change. I've changed dramatically since I started my life at Butler and perhaps it's just not the right fit for me anymore. Not just talking about my jean size, but that's actually a fitting phrase in that context.

So anyhow, bye bye Whitman quotes and adolescent musings. I'm going to give this blogger account a rest and start something new, along with my new life in North Carolina. I'd really like to start a blog about the transfer process and my first year as a transfer student. Still brainstorming name ideas and hoping to work on a fitting design for it. If you have any ideas holler. I am totally open to suggestions. I've already learned a lot from the application process and transition, and I know that I'll probably make a LOT more mistakes and hopefully be able to offer quality advice for those considering transferring or actually going through the process. I really want to make this something useful, something that will generate interest and discussion because I am pretty much scared out of my mind for everything that's about to happen and I'm guessing there are a lot of other students out there experiencing the same thing. Maybe I'll even pull my roommates into it :)

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